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Getting Started with Traditional Tango Music - Getting Started with Alternative Tango Music

For all dancers building a tango music collection is important. Eventually I would like to provide a much more comprehensive list of albums you might wish to add to your collection, but in the interest of getting things going here is my suggestions for where to start.

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Your First CD - Miguel Caló

The first cd I think you Should Buy is:

Miguel Caló -
Al Compas Del Corazon

The singing is beautiful and the music is very simple yet very interesting. Often has this cd for around $5 used. See the link to the right.

Other CDs by Miguel Caló

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The Next 2 Artists to Explore

Carlos Di Sarli -
Coleccion 78 RPM: 1940-1943

Carlos Di Sarli is by far the most popular choice in the world for beginner tango classes. His music runs the full spectrum from very rhythmic to very Lyrical. You will almost certainly hear some Di Sarli at every milonga you ever attend.

Other CDs by Carlos Di Sarli

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Juan D'Arienzo -
King of Rhythm 1937-1944
Rey del Compas 1936-1939

Juan D'Arienzo is by far the most popular Tango Orchestra Leader in history. His personality and music changed the way tango was played by every orchestra thereafter. His predominant accomplishment was to make tango danceable again after it became listening music in the early 30's. There would not be tango as we know it if not for D'Arienzo. He is known as the King of Rhythm because of the rhythmic nature of his music. You should hear D'Arienzo every milonga you ever attend.

Other CDs by Juan D'Arienzo

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